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My name is Stefano L. Oriola and I am a native Italian speaker, living in Barcelona (Spain) since 1992. I  have more than 30 years of experience in translating, writing and editing high-level material. My job basically consists in targeting your message intended to reach EU-Spanish  and Italian speaking countries, thus actively cooperating with national and international individuals and companies in their effort to bridge language and cultural barriers.

Living in Spain and having a strong bond with my Italian roots, I am in a priviledged and suitable position to localize your message aimed to these countries, because of my excellent verbal and written control of both languages and deep understanding of cultural aspects associated with source and target languages.

My working languages are English (passive), Spanish and Italian. And yes, after all these years living in Barcelona, I can say I have a fair understanding of Catalan, as well.

I am an avid reader of fiction, essays and technical stuff in English, Italian and Spanish alike, and have  no preferences in terms of languages, provided the writing is compelling. Having said that, I must stress it needs a "damned" good translator to make sense and transmit the flavour of the original version, both in fiction and non-fiction texts.

Now, before "turning the page" and procede to  the technical aspects of my business, here are my dearest places: please, pay a virtual visit to Barcelona, the town I live in, Milan, my home town, Athens, the town where I left my heart and soul, and Santorini, the paradise where I will retire one day with my better half. Take a look at their beauties and facilities.